Let It Be ― Fear Never Ends(Into the Dreams…and Horror Experiences 2)

2023 / Horror, Spiritual

One day, Keiji Kamiyama, a psychological counselor, receives an offer from a TV studio. He is asked to do a spiritual reading on a college student who experienced something that could only be described as a paranormal phenomenon. To unveil the mystery, Keiji decides to come to the TV studio with his assistance, Aoi Ueno. When he conducts a reading, Keiji sees a vision that no one expected―a curse of blood that has transcended time and space. Chisato Aoyama, a TV announcer, witnesses the reading done by Keiji. Although Chisato is at first skeptical about the existence of the spiritual world, Keiji’s readings gradually lead her to accept its existence. Keiji faces a number of bizarre phenomena, but he conducts readings to reveal the Truth behind the seemingly unexplainable events: a creepy old woman appearing late at night, a mysterious handprint left on a leg, and a woman jumping off from a ceiling out of nowhere… Finally, Chisato herself experiences a spiritual phenomenon of wet footprints suddenly appearing and disappearing before her eyes.

In the end, you will know the real meaning of “Fear never ends.”

The 2021 film, “Into the Dreams…and Horror Experiences,” left a big impact on us not only because it was so real, but also it was created based on the actual spiritual experiences.

Now, its sequel, “Let It Be ― Fear Never Ends(Into the Dreams…and Horror Experiences 2)” is on release!

Into the Dream