"Work Honestly, Diligently and Positively."

Our company motto is a statement of the values that guide us as we work to advance our customers’ and partners’ goals. That work is anchored by our Four Basic Principles of Success: LOVE, WISDOM, SELF-REFLECTION, and PROGRESS.

We begin our business relationship with LOVE.

To LOVE is to give, not take, and is where everything begins. It is the Golden Rule of Business: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” All the services we provide begin with love for our customers and aspirations for their success.

We execute business and build relationships with WISDOM.

Having a deep-seated knowledge of how the industry operates as well as an understanding of the importance of relationship building are key to success in this business. We also believe that spiritual WISDOM is pivotal to achieve success and to establish a positive and long-lasting relationship with our customers and partners.

We always use SELF-REFLECTION to review our progress and make improvements.

We believe daily SELF-REFLECTION is essential to provide optimal, innovative services and realize the success of our customers, partners, and our own business.

We align success and prosperity to make PROGRESS.

We aim to make PROGRESS with every partnership by building relationships, achieving goals, and growing business. We believe success is the realization of the act of LOVE.

About Us

HS Productions is a Los Angeles based movie distribution and production house established in 2019. Our mission is to unite the world in Joy and Happiness through the power of films and music that carry a message of hope and lots of love!

In 2019, we successfully released Immortal Hero in over 250 theaters in Japan, grossing over $7 million in box office revenue. In North America, the film opened in over 25 major markets including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. Immortal Hero has received 38 film festival awards and was an honored nominee at the 2020 San Diego International Film Festival.


  • US Distribution and PR/Marketing Management
  • English Voice Over Production Management
  • New Market Business Development and Consultation
  • Mediation and Communications Service
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