Beautiful Lure - A Modern Tale of "Painted Skin"

2021 / Drama, Thriller

Special Jury Remi Award Drama - 54th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
Gold Remi Award Best Actress ~ Panorama Asia - 54th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
Jury Award - London International Cinema Festival
Best Musical International Feature Film - Rajasthan International Film Festival
Best Writer - Great Message International Film Festival

Total of 66 film festival awards from 11 different countries!!

Maiko Yamamoto works as a secretary to the vice president of a major bank. With both beauty and wit, she is the target of everybody’s attention and admiration, but she has a hidden side. At night, she works as a hostess at a high-class club in Ginza and looks for men who are worthy of her beauty. One night, finally the man who she has been waiting for comes in. Taro Shiomura is the most hopeful candidate to become the next prime minister of Japan. Taro quickly falls in love with Maiko. All goes well as Maiko’s plan, and preparations for their marriage get steadily underway. However, Taro’s life mentor and the spiritual leader Katsuko Tachibana tells him that Maiko is a Youma who is possessed by the nine-tailed fox. Maiko can only satisfy herself by destroying the country with her beauty. Yet Taro struggles because he wants to believe that she has a conscience. On the day of the wedding, what does fate fold for them?