Heart to Heart

2018 / Documentary

Best Documentary Feature Film: International - Hollywood Verge Film Awards
Award of Merit - The Indie FEST Film Awards
Award of Excellence - Canada International Film Festival

Rin Kijima, a Japanese actress, interviews children and young adults from a disabilities support group as well as from schools and other organizations focused on preventing suicide and bullying among young people. The film discusses the transition period for a child growing into an adult and how it can be a time of struggle and change for many children and their parents. The filmmakers of Heart to Heart explore what it takes and what lessons can be learned as children grow into themselves and embrace their future. This documentary asks questions directed at both caregivers and youth, asking them to discuss questions about love and acceptance in this time of change. What can we as individuals do to care for one another and can we use what we have learned to help guide us in becoming the best versions of ourselves?