Life is Beautiful ~Heart to Heart 2~

2019 / Documentary

Best Documentary Feature Film: International - Hollywood Verge Film Awards
Award of Merit - The Indie FEST Film Awards
Award of Excellence - Canada International Film Festival

What is life? - Life begins and passes through in a moment. Why are humans born and why do we keep going? This is the eternal question for everybody. In this film, we seek the answer to that question. In January 2019, there was a special lecture held at Happy Science’s educational institute called Happy Science University (HSU). The theme of the lecture was “What is life?” with a panel of four elder guest speakers. Guided by Rin Kijima and Yurin Watanabe, these four guests visited HSU and the Happy Science Academy where they interacted with students prior to the lecture. Through heart to heart communication, the elder guests gained knowledge regarding the energy for life and hope for the future and the students gained important knowledge about life helping them answer many questions , such as: What is the purpose of life? What is life with no regret? How do we have the courage to keep overcoming challenges like Illness? Death? Love? And what is the importance of having faith through it all? – This special lecture captures the experience of three months of interviews and connection and what was realized.