The Mystical Laws

2012 / Sci-Fi

Special July Award - 45th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
Nomination - Palm Beach Film Festival
Official Selection - Asian Film Festival of Dallas
Best of the World Official Selection - Monstra, the Lisbon Animated Film Festival
Official Selection - Buddhist Film Festival Europe
Official Selection - Japan Film Fest Hamburg
Official Selection - Proctors 4th Annual Animation Festival

In 202X, Tathagata Killer is the new emperor of the Godom Empire and he is supplied with highly advanced Mystical Technology from another planet by Chan Leika. Sho Shishimaru, who holds prophetic powers, realizes that the Godom Empire will soon attempt to occupy Japan and attack Sho. He is saved by monks who have discovered that he is the second coming of Buddha and while hiding deep within the mountains, Sho has a series of spiritual experiences. Meanwhile, the Earth is in danger of being invaded by another planet. The future of humankind is at stake in this epic struggle that ensues, but in its midst, we learn about the mystical laws that rule the world we live in.